Project 2

Final Project:

Attractive Person

Sweet Pie

I want to be a Human





Attractive Person: At the beginning I thought of doing my collage of doing basic stuff to present the story. Moreover After exploring photoshop and know some of the techniques I improved my collage to make it look interesting and while thinking of it you can imagine the story but of course not in order. At one of the classes my colleagues and teacher saw my work and gave me critique so I can Improve my work.

Sweet Pie: For my collage sweet pie different ideas came up into my mind, one of the ideas that is doing something basic because the story shows a life of person from when he was small until he grew up. After having suggestions from my colleague the idea completely changed so I did something sweet that what would a child will do use scribbling, ballon and child handwriting at the end I liked it because it look so simple but I have achieved what I wanted.

I want to be a Human: The only collage that I did it from the first time without going back and forth to edit it. How ever but after showing it to my friends and teacher in class they only suggested to remove one of the text at the bottom and I did it.



Attractive person

Sweet pie

I want to be a human



For my collage project I have went to explore the internet and I found stuff that interested me by doing a collage by using many different materials and that are similar to our work. I am exploring different types of collages so I can achieve something similar.

This collage is made of different materials similar to letters, metal plate, circles and hear comb. I feel that it is showing a person looking like a clone that works in circus.
This collage is made of people, machine parts, texture and writing it look nice. I feel that it represents a man that invented these item to help the world with it.



Project Narrative:

I chose three different stories from Japan, The stories are attractive person, I want to be a human and sweet pie for my collage project to do in my ART-251 course because it was required to choose three stories and tell a story about it. At the beginning I have planed to take photos that represent the stories but I am not sure if it will work. So I have done my self generated mess, used my photographs that seem to be like patterns and I chose some photos that i felt that they may help me in my collage project. I also have asked my friend to do me arabic writing so I can include it into my collages however I also did a map to my house without any writing just a line with curves so I can get something out of and use it for my collages.

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