Project 4

Final Project:

Booklet FInal



In the booklet project I have learnt how to make a booklet using InDesign. At the begging I thought it was hard but when you get the hang of InDesign it is easy, by practice you can master InDesign. I learnt how to place a photo, drag it and resize it, Also How to preview pages for your booklet and in what order they will go in. I also learnt how to change the objects order to front or back. However I did a good job in my booklet but my final craft I was not happy about because it was my first time that I make a booklet and the sizes aren’t equal.



At the begging we had to make a manual printing booklet to see what will we include in our  booklet and what order will I use and what I will include. This process was straight forward and I feel that we have to do it because when we will use InDesign we will know the order of our booklet. I used our teacher blog to help us to do the manual printing.

After finishing my manual booklet and did it on InDesign, I had to make it as a pdf file so i can preview and see if it is ready for the final printing. I used Our Instructor blog to do these steps.


Paragraph About me:

Hi! I will write about my self in this paragraph. At the beginning I am a photographer that likes to take whats in front of me. I am a student at Zayed University majoring in Multimedia  Media Design joint collage with Information Technology and ART. My personalty is I like to work hard achieve something that I did not plan for. I love the desert it is the place where I feel happy the weather is cool I like to rest my eyes, sleep in the desert at night and watch the stars. I have many skills and I thank god for them, my skills are using photoshop, being wise, experience in desert driving, photographing landscapes and being well organized like organize my stuff and specially my work on my laptop these are my skills I might have more I don’t think that I can remember them. So lets go to explore my motivation. I am motivated with many photographers that they capture a moment or a scene that makes want to visit the place even if its gone. In our country I am motivated by many of my family members and friends. There are so many artists in the world that they are motivating but I enjoy seeing Local Artists because they are in high level and they can represent The United Arab Emirates in International Competitions and Exhibitions. Finally, I am inspired with photography, to show something creative that is done before but in a new different way. That make the viewers think how was this shot taken. However what inspires me is to take photographs the look amazing each time I go out and I challenge my self to achieve something new. In our Basic design course it mostly the same but the problem that I face is  i am not quite confident with the application I use.

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